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The official spot for Master Rain Gardener swag!

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The official spot for Master Rain Gardener swag!

You did good. You built your rain garden. You are luxuriating in the glory. Now, show it off.

Maybe your friend doesn't know what a rain garden is! Wear your t-shirt so the poor soul asks. Their life will be the better for it.

Learning how to build a rain garden is easy - until you try to do it yourself. But once you have, boy, you are an expert! These t-shirts help you share your expertise with your neighbor.

You help each one of us contribute to the solution of a "Big Environmental Problem". And that makes us feel good. Thanks!

So do good. Feel good. Help your neighbor. Be a hero. Because you rock.

The Master Rain Gardener program is the brainchild of Susan Bryan, at the Washtenaw County Water Resources Commissioner's Office in Michigan, USA. She is excited about each and every rain garden that gets built - because they are all unique! And they reflect the uniqueness of the person who planted it.

Artwork by David Zinn. zinnart.com